As I’ve gotten older, or more mature, because we all know they don’t always coordinate, I’ve noticed that people are just “putting it all out there” on social networks. There has been multiple occasions where I have run into Facebook friends in real life and mentioned something somewhat personnel only to be greeted by odd glances, only for my own reaction of, “Wait…. was that to personnel because I saw it on your Facebook two weeks ago….” It’s almost annoying how much private information people are willing to put on social media, and I understand that it’s a great way to share information with people you love but what about your other 700 so-called friends.

Brian Solis talked in chapter 12 about how people should make an effort to make a professional social media, because essentially you are your brand. Which I agree with, I hear almost on a regular basis from professionals that a bad Facebook or Twitter could lead to you not getting your dream job… no matter how qualified you are.

According to a Forbes article employers are no saying they can judge your future work ethic and performance by your Facebook page. They also state that checking you out on social media can essentially tell them more than a short interview.

Long story short, don’t put anything on the internet you wouldn’t want the world to know… then again we should have known this already right?