I think a lot of the time I post something to social media sites I forget it’s going to be there forever. I often forget that my sappy song lyrics from when a boy stood me up will forever be there for all 700 of my friends to see, not to mention my followers, which can in turn be shared…. wow maybe I should stop being depressing via social media. However this leads us to a point, should we be able to bear our souls on social networks? Should our world know we are over the moon happy, or seriously sad? According to Brian Solis we should… which I think might be a good thing. 

A world without feelings would be a boring world, so does that mean a social media without feelings would not be social? I think yes, I feel like one of the best parts of Facebook is scrolling through your news-feed to see who has gotten awesome news and who has received not so awesome news, it’s why we connect with people so we can keep track of what they are doing. So we should be able to show our emotions over social media, thats like saying we shouldn’t be able to show emotion is our everyday lives. Life is a emotional place and so is social media.