I actually find crisis in social media highly entertaining so I’m surprised that this is the first time I’ve mentioned it but I guess better late then never. For starters I think it can be very easy to mix up what account your on and what your doing… especially since we often don’t wait before posting something. As professionals we are eventually going to be posting essentially as someone else so I think we need to be aware of what can happen if things go wrong, and we also need to leave our personnel lives at the door when we go to work.

After reading countless articles about social media blunders I discovered that people can forget they are in the public eye, which I think is probably a pretty easy thing to do if you live there all the time. But this is where PR professionals come into play, we are the middleman between people basking in the limelight and “common folk.” But through some extensive reading i’ve narrowed it down to about five things that i think lead to social media scandal…


1. If your overly emotional do not post anything

People are advised not to drive if they are to emotional for everyones safety, social media is the same as driving, refrain if your feeling overly expressive that day.

2. If you wouldn’t say it to your grandmother, don’t put it on social media

Social media makes things forever, and if you don’t want to make the commitment don’t put it out there.

3. Remember where you are, and where your supposed to be

Are you at work? Are you home? Are you on vacation? Did you ditch work to go to Vegas? If where you are does not match up with where your supposed to be, please refrain from posting.

4. Don’t lie

Don’t lie on social media, especially when your a company, and please people stop making up these people are dead rumors

5. Read it again

We learned this all through school, make sure you read things again before sending them out into the real world, for spelling errors, so they make sense, so you can just not send them at all