As Sandy came and went you could see the storm even if you weren’t on the east coast. Through social media people around the world where able to see, in real-time, the effects Sandy had on the country. Throughout the crisis people used social media to donate money to relief efforts, as well as get help if they where truly in trouble. People tweeted their location and where able to be rescued, people tweeted pictures of supplies they needed and people where able to bring it to them. So this poses the question what about people who tweets are not accurate?

In the time of a crisis it is one of the most important times to be tweeting correct information. Brian Solis has said time and time again the way to gain a following is to make sure your follows trust you. If you claim to be an authority then you better be correct all the time. During Sandy there where a people who used Twitter to spread rumors about what was going on, leading people to believe the wrong thing. For example @comfortablysmug tweeted about the trading floor being under three feet of water. This was far from true however people believed it and it spread like wildfire.

This leads to the moral of the story, people who are tweeting need to be telling the truth. If you are an authority or representing someone who is you can’t just tweet whatever you think will make people talk. Which goes back to things going viral, you can’t force something to go viral it will happen, and you can’t use tragedy to boost your popularity because I find that a little shady. In the end social media is like life, just tell the truth and everything will be okay.