We have all seen them, and I would be a liar to say I haven’t joined one or used one…. what am I talking about? Someone’s sick page, or used a stay strong hashtag. I’m not talking about people with the common cold or #staystrongjustin when the Beibs broke up with his girlfriend, I’m talking about people who are truly sick reaching out to family members via social networking and it turning into a movement, a phenomenon, something that is truly bigger then just one person.

Most of the time we talk about social media bringing the world together and how it benefits a business, well people have also started using social media to bring their family and friends together to make them aware of their sickness, which most of the time are fatal. There is even a social media site for people wishing to share their stories called The Caring Bridge. 

Through the help of sites such as The Caring Bridge, Facebook, and Twitter, families have been able to lean on others for help and support in this time of need as well as being able to share updates with a mass audience. According to some it’s even just a way to express your feelings so you know your not alone with your feelings. In addition to being a place for sharing and support it has become a place for people to come together and post photos and happy memories about that person.

I remember long before he was sick we made the page “I’ve Met Byrum” for my dad, just because he was a character. He was one of those people who even if you met him one time you had a hilarious story to tell. Even before he got sick the page had more than 100 “likes” and during his battle with cancer and after he died many more people joined and shared pictures and stories that I had never even shared before.

Sometimes I feel like we think about social media as something scary that big business is trying to control, and it’s stories like these that remind me what social media was intended for. To bring people together in times of happiness, sadness and everyday life. It’s for sharing your life with people you want to keep in touch with even if you don’t talk to them all the time. It’s so random people don’t show up to your house nine months after your Dad died asking for him because somehow someone forgot to tell them. It’s so incase something happens maybe you can just post one thing instead of calling a bunch of people.

Social media isn’t just for viral videos and so you can post funny pictures of your cat, sometimes it’s more.